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Even when you have booked somewhere else

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We will send you an email, when we find better offers for you.

Why should I use AutoLook?

Rental car prices change a lot. Just don't pay more than you really need!

We will check the prices for you 24/7. So you don't have to do it by yourself for many hours. You will save a lot of time!

You can even use AutoLook, when you have already booked a car somewhere else. Just make sure, that you can cancel your booking free of charge. When we have found a better deal for you, you can book the new rental car and cancel the old one.

How it works

1. Send us a request

Afterwards we will track the prices for all relevant rental cars

2. We send you better offers

When the prices drop, we will send you an email with all better offers.

3. Save time and money!

You can only win! The worst that can happen is knowing you got the cheapest price already. The best is saving up to 82%.

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